Election Stuff:

Congratulations, not only to the winners but to everyone whose name was on the city ballot on March 7.

Thank you.

Run-off election for Districts 7 and 9 Council seats is on April 11.

​County elections are in 2018.

Helen Burns Sharp, Founder

ATM, Chattanooga



The Jobs PILOTs page gives an overview of the entire program and then focuses on Jobs PILOTs.

The Housing PILOTs page tells about housing PILOTs.

The "Walnut Commons" page tells the sad story of that PILOT.

The GE/Alstom page discusses that company's large PILOT in light of the plant closure.

Chattanooga is home to a grassroots movement organized by citizens who believe we can persuade our local elected officials to reform the current "system" for granting property tax breaks. This broad-based coalition calls itself "ATM" (Accountability for Taxpayer Money). We believe it is time to transition from what oftentimes appears to be a corporate welfare program to an approach that better reflects the PUBLIC interest. By doing research and offering constructive suggestions, ATM hopes to be part of the solution. Please find time in your busy life to read the section on PILOTs. This issue matters to you and to our community.