​​​​​"The Wisdom to Know and the Courage to Defend the Public Interest."

Chattanooga is home to a grassroots movement organized by citizens who hope to persuade city and county officials to reform the current "system" for granting property tax breaks and to take other actions to increase government transparency. This broad-based coalition calls itself "ATM" (Accountability for Taxpayer Money).

We believe it is time to transition from what sometimes appears to be a corporate welfare program to an approach that better reflects the PUBLIC interest. By doing research and offering constructive suggestions, ATM hopes to be part of the solution.  Please use the contact form if you have questions or suggestions or want to be added to ATM's mailing list. 

In addition to our research on tax breaks, we have added a focus on open government and transparency to our bread and butter issues of payments-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOTs) and tax increment financing (TIF).

This website is under construction. Please check back later or use contact form if questions. 

Helen Burns Sharp, Founder

ATM, Chattanooga